Daniel Blaho

Owner, Director

At DSB Since


For the last ten years, Daniel Blaho has served as principal for DSB Creative. He holds a degree in Visual Communications and has studied business focused on Marketing and Management Information Systems. Throughout his career, he has made marrying branding and design his core focus. He describes himself as an advocate for excellence (some call it perfectionism) and believes anything that is put on display for all to see should be thoughtful, well-planned, and (of course) beautiful. 

Daniel’s day-to-day work is comprised of creative direction, account planning,  and being the lead consultant for DSB Creative. He has a passion for helping others share their message through beautifully designed and strategic marketing systems. He likes to share big ideas and has a knack for provocating creative thoughts from clients and team members alike. 

It was fun while it lasted, but this person is no longer on our team 😔