DSB Creative Merges with ANIMUS Digital

DSB Creative and ANIMUS Digital have entered into a merger agreement to become one of the most formidable digital marketing firms in the region. The expanded team will continue to focus on delivering consistent results to clients with a brand-first approach. Read on for more about the changes here!

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How to Develop an Effective Brand Story

Learn how to craft an effective brand story that resonates with customers. We'll cover what a brand story is, how to write one, tips for incorporating it into your marketing efforts, and steps for developing one.

Write Your Story.

Brand Language: Using Voice and Tone to Define a Brand

Next in our series about branding as a whole concept, we’re talking about using brand language to define and structure your company in the minds of your customers and clients.

Define your Language

Brand Strategy, an Overview

Really great brands know the secret sauce for making a company successful and they know it has to do with using more than just a well-designed logo. Learn the secrets for yourself in our series covering branding and brand strategy.

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DSB Clients Have Been Reporting a Rise in Email Phishing Scams “From Facebook”

DSB Creative clients are seeing an influx of phishing emails being sent to them that look like they come directly from Facebook. These emails are fake and need to be ignored. Their goal is to send you to a fake website where you will give away your data.

Learn About Phishing

DSB Creative Celebrates 10 Years with Long Time Client, CS3 Technology

Building trust and loyalty with clients is a hallmark of our core values. So it is with great pleasure we celebrate 10 years with our clients, CS3 Technology.

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You Need to Get Customer Reviews and Here's Why

Potential customers often turn to customer reviews to make purchasing decisions. This means that gaining quality customer reviews is crucial in the survival of a business. Small businesses in particular have a big stake in this. Here we have our top few tips for gaining positive customer reviews.

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Steps to tackling a creative block

Have you ever hit a wall when trying to generate new ideas for your brand’s blog, website, newsletter or social channels? As your go to brand and marketing experts, we have put together a few tips to help you step out of your rut and get the creative juices flowing again.

Stop the Block

5 Easy Ways to Find Marketing Inspiration

We all need a little marketing inspiration from time to time but where to find it? Here we have compiled our go to tips for finding marketing campaign ideas, creative marketing ideas and event marketing ideas.

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Our go to Workflow Tools

When it comes to small business success, workflow and time management is key. Here we have outlined a few of our go to tools for getting the most out of our work day and completing tasks in an efficient manner.

Improve Workflow

Components of a successful email campaign

Email campaigns have become an integral part of marketing for companies of every size. But with hundreds of emails per day making their way to the average inbox, marketers must find how to cut above the noise. Here you find our top tips for deploying successful email campaigns.

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Rebranding: Delving into the unknown

If your company is considering a partial rebrand or full rebrand, review these questions first. We cover key questions to ask yourself and guidance on how to properly reform your brand to better communicate your brand message.

Stop and Think

Pinterest Business Personas and why use it?

Pinterest for Business can be highly effective for certain brands. Here, we’ll cover how to use pinterest for business, what pinterest is used for a bit more in depth content about Pinterest in general.

Getting Started

Tips to Creating an Engaging Instagram Stories

Here, we’ll walk you through some of the top performing brands on Instagram stories. We will provide tips on how to implement best practices and gain more instagram followers through proven instagram marketing tactics.

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DSB moves to Webflow

When Business Catalyst announced their end of life in 2020, marketers began the long hunt for a new content management system. Webflow offers a few key features for website design that shouldn’t be missed. We’ll walk you through why we chose this CMS as our new platform.

Our Content Managment

Small Business Marketing Foundations

Read up on small business advertising and marketing strategies. We will walk you through the first few big steps in setting your local business on the road to success. Learn how to turn creative marketing ideas into profitable actions.

Build your Foundation

Is traditional marketing for you?

Marketing techniques have evolved over time and audience behaviors are ever changing. Here, we’ll guide you through identifying where your audience lives so that you can decide whether traditional marketing may be effective for your brand.

Take it Off-line

Social Media Business Personas Part 4 | Facebook

Here, we delve into how to build your businesses persona on Facebook. Learn more on how to grow brand awareness, build a community, build brand reach and see actual ROI.

Building on Facebook

Social Media Business Personas Part 3 | Instagram and Company Image

Have you ever wondered how your business could utilize Instagram to grow your customer bas and create brand awareness? We'll cover that and so much more in part 3 of this 5 part series on social media personas.

Build on Instagram

Social Media Business Personas Part 2 | Twitter, Business Humor and Dad Jokes, OH MY

Social media presence is no longer an option for businesses. Each social media platform has something unique to offer and presents it’s own challenge. We’re going to cover everything you need to know about getting your business page going on Twitter and why it matters.

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Social Media Business Personas Part 1 | LinkedIn

Have you ever wondered why your business may want to get on LinkedIn? LinkedIn for business can be tricky. We'll talk you through setting brand goals for social media and how to best utilize your time.

Social Brand Building

Digital Marketers: More than just Facebook nerds

Digital Marketing is the practice of conducting highly targeted and specified advertisements online via social media, email marketing, online advertising, apps and more.

See the Work being Done

Branding gets political: A new digital arena

Customers are looking to brands for political stances and transparency more than ever. In the digital age, political transparency has become an unwritten rule.

Should You Get Political?

Three key elements to a killer brand promise

A brand promise needs to be clear, to the point and achievable. Here's a few tips on how to create your own brand promise that will help you build brand value.

Make a Promise

Are URL shorteners causing damage to brand recognition?

URL Shorteners have become a popular means of complying with social media character limits. However, marketers have begun to question the long lasting impacts of using these shortened links.

To Shorten or Not

4 Blogs to Follow that Won't Bore you to Death

Our marketing coordinator shares her favorite marketing and design blogs to follow for inspiration and best practices in this short article. Read about her reasoning why other marketers should follow these key content paradises.

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Our Top 3 TedTalks for Marketers

If you’re a professional marketer looking to find a bit of professional development or learn a new skill online, TedTalks are an excellent means of doing so. Here we have our top 5 TedTalks for marketers worldwide.

Start Listening

10 ways to build your team's skill set

Many companies choose to invest in their employees through continued education, professional development courses, online seminars and more. We highly encourage these investments and here provide a few ideas on how to promote employee growth.

Start Building Your Team

3 Examples of how to make your brand sexy (even if its not)

Making your brand sexy to potential customers is a difficult thing to do. If you try too hard, you can come off as uncool or gauche. If you don't test, you can completely miss the your audience and make them roll their eyes. Follow these 3 examples to get started making your brand a little sexier.

Be Sexy

The Race for AR and Who is Going to Win it

We've seen an uprise in the use of AR in social media. We take a look at where it came from and where its going in the next few years in this in-depth article.

Who Will Win?

Brand Experience. What is it? Why do you care?

We all know that brands make us a feel a certain something but what is it? Can it be engineered? Should you engineer it? Only if its true. We explore the intangible concept of Brand Experience in this article.

Create and Experience

4 steps to using ethos in B2B Marketing

Humanizing your company's brand is an important step in making your organization more approachable. Adding some character to your brand experiences will help convert more customers and build brand loyalty... only if it's genuine.

Leverage Your Character

4 B2B Marketing Best Practices

Business to business (b2b) marketing for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) doesn't have to be hard. We cover a few ways to use assets you already have to generate more business from your marketing efforts.

Dial it in

3 Reasons to Pay Attention to Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is more important than ever in a world where social proof is everything. An unhappy customer is going to tell a lot more people about their experience than a happy customer.

How to Start Listening

5 simple steps to defining your target market

In order to effectively speak to and engage people through marketing messages, you must first define to whom you are speaking. Follow these steps to get you started.

Define Your Audience

Does .com, .net, .edu and .org really matter anymore?

Of course you want a .com, but why? Our opinion on the necessity to have a coveted .com web address. Additionally, what to do when you can't find a good URL for your organization.

.com or bust?

Design and Photography Plus Content Marketing Equals Success

We describe the relationship from marketing to imagery, and how to optimize images, how to find free and paid photography okay to use in your marketing materials.

Combine Your Content

Wordpress: What is it and Should You Use it?

Now powering over 34% of the internet and over 60% of CMS-based websites, we give a little background information on what Wordpress really is and if it is the right choice for you to use as your website platform.

Wordpress Explained

A Beginners Guide to eCommerce

Before you jump into it learn a little more about taking your business on-line with e-Commerce. In this beginner's guide, we explain what step you need to take to be successful with your online store.

Start Selling Online

What the Hell is a Hashtag?

In this blog post, we outline a beginner's guide to using hashtags in social media and beyond. A hashtag is an old technology that has been repurposed in today's social culture.

Where it Came from

5 Quick SEO Tips When Redesigning a Website

Migrating or Redesigning a Website is tricky work. There are many moving parts and a lot of items can be forgotten. We've outlined five things you absolutely have to add to your checklist.

Don't Forget SEO

Content Marketing: How to be Engaging

Tailoring your message for your audience is crucial for being successful online. In this brief blog post, we define content marketing and how to use it to engage your audience and make more money for your business.

Engage Your Audience

What Can Your Website Do?

Read more to find out how adding serious functionality like dynamic forms, content engines and more could help your business while building traffic to your site.

Build Functionality

The Time is Now; Get on Social Media

Social media is at a high point in today's society, and it's only going to get bigger. Now is the time to take your company social. Here, we discuss what platforms are useful, general best practice, and posting frequency.

Be Social

10 Online Marketing Tips

I this short article we explore and explain the best ways to get your business visible online and start promoting your services and products quickly and cost-effectively.

Get Your Business Online

How to Write Great Content for Your Website

Have you started to write content for your website and wound up just staring at a blank screen? Try some of our tried and true methods and questions to ask yourself in order to start formulating unique concepts and great content.

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Local Tulsa Client, Pearl Beach Brew Pub, Gets Brand New Website, Logos, Graphics

A local Tulsa brewpub gets a whole new look and feel when we launched their website this month. Complete with new graphics, fresh designs and logos, Pearl Beach feels lively and vibrant.

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