The Race for AR and Who is Going to Win it


Braidyn Browning

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Whether audiences are consciously aware of it or not, the past year of social media has been nothing but a fierce competition for the position of top dog. Though all social platforms are at odds for some reason or another, the most prominent contention has been between Facebook and Snapchat. Why, you may ask?

Long story short… Snapchat got ripped off. Straight up….RIPPED. OFF.
The first few months of 2017 witnessed the biggest social media scandal in recent memory. It was a move that almost everyone saw coming and frankly… we can’t believe that Snapchat wasn’t more prepared for this.

Facebook has long been known as one of the top, if not the top social media platform(s) in the game. Facebook virtually eliminating it’s only competition (MySpace) right out of the gate and it has been full steam ahead since. The platform has a long history of impressive innovation and prides itself in the brand loyalty it has created. As such, Facebook is always on the hunt for the next big idea. Enter Snapchat….and the idea of “stories”.

When Snapchat came along, it was just what Facebook claimed to be, one of a kind. Millennials LOVED it and older generations learned to communicate face to face with their loved ones in a way that worked for both parties. Society experienced

Fast forward to 2017. Facebook has now become the jealous sibling and realizes that Snapchat has not quite guarded their product as well as they should. Que the thievery.

In January of 2017, Facebook rolled out their newest feature, Facebook stories. If you haven’t been beaten over the head yet by Ad promotions for this, here’s the rundown on what exactly Facebook stories is. Ready? Super simple… it's… Snapchat. It's just SNAPCHAT.. Within Facebook. To be fair, Facebook seems to offer much more filters out of the gate but less freedom for editing, moving items around, etc.

Facebook stories has also opened the floor to creators looking to get their personalized augmented reality filters out there. Whether the regulation on these filters will be as unforgiving as Snapchat’s is yet to be seen. However, Facebook has advanced the idea of open creativity in the realm of augmented reality. Developers may now submit their AR filters for Facebook’s approval. This means not only will Facebook provide the widest variety of filters out there but they will also serve as one of the biggest opportunities for designers and developers in the social realm.

While we currently enjoy filters on snapchat that allow basic AR-ish activities, Facebook has promised to take this game to a WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL. The means of doing this have been explained, in detail by Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

AR improvement/innovations include:

  1. 3D Effects
  2. Precision Location
  3. Object Recognition
  4. Augmented Reality games

Though Snapchat has bowed down a bit from the competition, we couldn’t be more excited to see the advancements to come from all social platforms!