Steps to tackling a creative block


Braidyn Browning

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We all experience bouts of creative blocks or the infamous “writer’s block” but rarely do we stop to think of logical steps we can take to overcome the issue. In our experience, people usually chalk it up to mental exhaustion or stress but the simple truth is that people just hit a wall from time to time. It’s completely normal and definitely happens to the best of us. Here we have a few tips, tricks and guided steps you can take to work through your creative process and get the wheels spinning once more.

Unplug for a few minutes


Step away from your computer, leave your phone, leave everybit of technology in your vicinity where it is and just step away. Go outside or opt for a quiet meeting room. This doesn’t have to be a long break… even if it’s just 5 minutes, give yourself this dedicated time to chill. Some people find it helpful to take a step away from their technology and write in a journal rather than typing. You might find that getting your ideas out on a whiteboard is easier for you. Anything that breaks you out of the traditional desk space is an awesome way to get the ideas flowing.



If you’re not feeling like stepping away from your desk, you can give yourself a mental break by doing some quick stretches. This isn’t necessarily a move to get your creative juices flowing again but more just to give your brain a break from working so hard on generating ideas. In addition to giving your brain a break, you’re also staving off any cramps, aches or pain you might have otherwise experienced from slumping in the same position for the entirety of your work day.




People often find that taking a stroll is a good way to not only get the blood flowing but to expose your mind to a new/stimulating environment. The more you surround yourself with newness, the more likely you are to have light bulbs light up in your brain. This is the same approach as the earlier steps. It is both beneficial to your body and your mind.

Listen to some Tunes


There’s nothing like putting yourself in the right headspace for creativity. If you feel your block is coming from a lack of positive emotion, find your go to jams and get in the zone. In our experience, listening to songs you know fairly well is more effective than attempting to passively listen to new music. Our brains naturally try to hone in on new music and figure out what the song is and what the lyrics means. Listening to songs you already know allows your mind you mellow out and tune things out.

Bounce Ideas around with a friend or coworker


You may have a few ideas but you’re not sure if they are any good. A co worker or acquaintance in the industry are the best go to people for bouncing ideas. You want to speak to someone who can hold a dialogue at your level and offer useful feedback.

Turn to the internet


If all else fails, Google will always have your back. Whether you turn to Pinterest, Online Forums, TedTalks, whatever. The internet is full of inspiring ideas you can manipulate and make your own. Whether you’re a designer, creative writer or marketer, we all experience creative block from time to time. We hope these few simple tips for overcoming creative block have helped you to generate ideas and get back into your workflow. If you’d like to find out more on how we can help bring your brand creativity up a notch, shoot us an email at

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay