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Braidyn Browning

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Traditional marketing methods have proven to be effective for a wide range of brands and audiences. In this new digital age, one might assume that when confronted with the choice between digital marketing methods and traditional marketing methods, you’d lean toward digital. However, the data shows that certain traditional advertising methods have produced higher ROI and overall success for some. So what is traditional marketing and could it give you a better bang for your buck? Let’s dive in and find out.

Traditional marketing methods include the following:

  • Trade shows - Trade shows are the ultimate means of networking to a target audience in a face to face environment. This is an awesome chance for potential clients to get up close and personal with the brand. The only downside here is potentially the person representing the brand. This is why company’s only tend to send their best salesmen/knowledgeable reps to these shows. It takes a high level of skill to get people engaged and make them continues to want to follow the brand once the show is done.
  • Speaking Engagements - Much like tradeshows, speaking engagements are a prime opportunity for businesses to get face to face time with potential customers. Whether in speech or Q&A form, speaking engagements provide another solid opportunity to force hands on time with a brand. This may be an effective means of marketing if your business is fairly big and has some history behind it. Companies with insights and experience are often invited to these speaking engagements so be sure to know your stuff before you take on this venture.
  • Print Collateral - A tale as old as time, print collateral is defined as any physical (printed) piece of marketing material. This could be a flyer, a brochure, a postcard, table topper, etc.
    Print collateral is extremely useful if your brand often attends events or trade shows. It’s an easy means of handing out information on the basics of your company. The more creative, the better. Unfortunately people tend to trash these things as soon as they get them. Marketers have to be extremely innovative with design, content and print materials.
  • Snail Mail - Also known as Direct Mail, this is simply mail that you send out to your customer’s mailboxes. Companies often use this method of traditional marketing to send personal letters, notes, postcards, brochures and other forms of print collateral to clients. Snail mail may be right for you if you’re struggling with GDPR restrictions or if you have an older audience base.
  • Print ads - Print ads can take many forms but this often means an advertisement in a print magazine or newspaper. Print ads are a great tool for pushing people to subscribe, creating brand awareness, selling products and much more.
  • Billboards - Billboard Ads are often a costly means of traditional advertising but they’ve been a solid means of solidifying branding throughout the years. Billboards are effective but only when used properly. The message has to be short and the imagery has to be loud. Billboard are generally a good tool for well known brands or campaigns.
  • Branded Collateral - How many times have you borrowed a pen from a friend with a random company logo on it? Although you may not actively seek those company’s out, you have now been exposed to their brand. Branded Collateral comes in all forms such as t-shirts, koozies, bags, etc. We often see these items handed out at trade shows but there all around good to have on hand to get your name out there. If you’re small business is just getting started, this may be a solid means of creating brand awareness.
  • Handwritten Notes - This type of marketing generally comes in at the end of a service. We often see companies sending “Thank You” letters to customers after a project is completed or when they haven’t heard from a client in a while. This keeps the customer close to the brand and really puts out the idea that your brand cares about its customers. This may be a nice touch especially if you are a known digital based company. Breaking up the digital targeting with a personal and handwritten note will provide a little shock and awe.
  • Email Marketing - This form of marketing is cheap and often efficient. Email marketing serves as the affordable alternative to direct mail marketing. If you’re audience isn’t quite within the active age range on social media, you may well need to turn to email marketing. Older audience check their email frequently and tend to be receptive to brands they’re already familiar with.
  • Salespeople (face to face) - This is the most raw, human form of marketing. Whether your sales people are attending events, arranging on on one meetings or going door to door, these individuals are a STAPLE of traditional marketing. They are a walking business card. Salesmen are great for medium to large size companies as they can do the leg work of prospecting, fulfillment and retention all in one.

Although these forms of marketing speak for themselves and do often produce lead generation, sales, growth, etc. on their own, we highly recommend mixing them in with digital marketing practices to get the best possible results. This can be done through multi touch campaigns and by constantly using traditional marketing avenues to push to digital avenues.

For example: One might send out a postcard or direct mail piece with a QR code or link to social media platforms. This means, you can still include those traditional touches (hand written notes, personal messages, etc.) but still pull audience members to your website and social. From there, they might subscribe to or purchase additional products they may have otherwise missed.

Ultimately, we advise that your brand run a few experiments with isolated traditional advertising, isolated digital advertising and then mix mashes of digital and traditional marketing methods. This will give you the best possible insight into what methods work best for your brand and your audience. Need guidance on how to implement a traditional marketing campaign? We’re here to help! Give us a call at 918-971-8348 or email us at for more info.