DSB Creative Celebrates 10 Years with Long Time Client, CS3 Technology


Daniel Blaho

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We began working with CS3 Technology when they were still known under Crouch, Slavin, & Company back in 2012, offering CPA services to their clientele.

This company engaged with us in order to get assistance with website development and SEO services where we were asked to also help develop a new visual branding initiative. 

The company did another rebrand with us in 2015 with the launch of CS3 Technology, their current brand. They also engaged us further by adding full branding strategy services and we leaned heavier into position tracking on Google.

We enjoyed the competitive nature of the industry they were in, challenging ourselves to get them into higher ranks on Google search, which we successfully did, again and again.

In 2017, they launched their outsourced payroll, taxes, and time and management system, Scissortail HCM with us. 

In 2019, CS3 swapped companies to utilize us for all of their online marketing initiatives, including social media marketing services.

2022 marked our 10th year working with this brand and its sole owner, Gary Crouch. We’ve found the partnership with this brand to be invigorating and creatively challenging. While they allowed us to take more and more responsibility for their brand identity, we were able to successfully implement some of our best creative and strategic ideas, allowing them to find more clientele, better search engine rankings, and ultimately, more profits.

Of course, that’s not all just marketing. CS3 has built an amazing reputation for themselves and for the culture inside the company utilizing their 18 Pillars of Service, which we’ve helped highlight for them over the years, as well. 

We’re very thankful for Gary, their new CEO, Brandi Clymer, and their whole team for being a part of the DSB Creative family of clients. 

We’re looking forward to many more years!