We describe the relationship from marketing to imagery, and how to optimize images, how to find free and paid photography okay to use in your marketing materials.

Design and Photography Plus Content Marketing Equals Success


Daniel Blaho

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Content Marketing requires an all inclusive view on what marketing means on a social scale. Mixing the correct design aspects into your content will deliver a higher success rate to your on-line marketing. It will also help tremendously with your search engine optimization.

Marketing is a form of communication, and design is hugely important to communication. We are visual creatures, so flaunting great design with meaningful content is paramount to marketing success.

When used correctly design can enhance your communication strategy in order to get the attention of your target market. Your brand should echo through all of your marketing and non-marketing documents. This will help your business draw more following on all fronts.

When referencing a blog post on your social media, try to use images where ever possible. This will help encourage social sharing and reading. Otherwise your post are at risk to be lost in an ever consuming feed of information that user see everyday.

Be sure that when using images for blogs, products, etc. that they are correctly optimized for search engines. Be sure to name the image and add a description. Content is everything in search engine optimization today, so don't forget those alt tags and image descriptions.

It is good to purchase all of your images from sites like iStock, but if it's not in the budget use sites like the ones below, but be sure to read the creative rights. Some photography requires attribution. Here are some sites to find free photography.

Please contact us if you have questions about relating images, attribution or SEO for images.