4 steps to using ethos in B2B Marketing


Braidyn Browning

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The ultimate success in B2B Marketing is reaching your customer in a way that impacts them. If customers feel they are receiving something unique from their business with you, they will never leave you and will remain loyal to your brand. One of the most powerful methods of connecting with your customers is through the utilization of ethos, or the emotional connection created with customers.

Below are few tips we came up with to help guide you in creating the best ethos based relationship possible.

1. Let them know you’re human

Whether it is a team photo or just a shout out to a great employee, people love to see faces. Showing your customers your beautiful mug is a sure fire way to make that human connection. People want to know that they are being taken care of by other people, not a corporate machine.

Find that fine line between sharing professionally and getting too personal. Make it comical but not too casual. This is one of the biggest keys in Business to Business ethos based marketing.

2. Share stories

This ties into the human based connection. People are drawn to a company that takes stock in their employees. Sharing success stories across all social media platforms and on your website, promoting an employee who has done good work or won an award lets your customers know you care. Not only do you care about your clients, but you care about your own people as well.

3. Communicate one on one with customers

Companies such as Google do a fantastic job with one-on-one communication with customers. An open flow of conversation and communication with clients quickly builds an emotional connection with the brand.

Google has proven to be far ahead of the competition in this. From live chats to free customer help lines, they maintain a constant open channel of communication with their people. Customers can always count on live and quick replies on issues/questions.

This is a method we must all adopt in conversation with clients. When customers know they can rely on you for quick and reliable answers, they begin to build an emotional attachment with your brand.

4. Interact on social media

Social media is perhaps the most simple way to build ethos based Business to Business Marketing. Customers love a business that can hang. By that, we mean that customers enjoy quick and helpful interacting with businesses online. When a client gives you a shout out, mentions you or asks a question on social media, be quick to reply. Social media offers instant and candid interactions. Take advantage of it.