4 B2B Marketing Best Practices


Braidyn Browning

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Marketing is everything in business to business (B2B) operations. Developing a proper marketing strategy which uniquely fits your business can be difficult but it is a must.

With all of the information out there on the web today, it can be hard to whittle it down to the actions that will work best for you. Below are a few guidelines that we at DSB Creative utilized to develop our B2B marketing strategy.

Use Your Business Size to Your Advantage

Develop a strategy that is based on the size of your company and reach. If you are a smaller company, you want to focus mainly on the clients in your immediate area. Find out who your competition is, how far their reach is in your area, and work toward offering a better deal to the clients the competition has dominated in the past.

Once you have established a good relationship with clients close to you, rework your marketing strategy to extend your reach. You need a strategy that will give you time to build that base set of customers and then tweak it to allow an extension of your customer reach.

Larger companies will do best to develop marketing strategies which allow them to utilize their size fully. You can afford more man hours so use them. Research what platforms/networks work best for you/your brand and put people to work on utilizing them regularly. Consistency is key in large scale B2B marketing operations. Large companies should work toward a strategy that will keep their voice and efforts consistent and dependable.

Stay with the Times

Technology is rapidly growing; we know this to be a fact. With progression in technology comes a massive and constant shift in the way businesses operate. From the growth of smart watches to the invention of cloud storage, the functionality of business to business marketing is ever changing and so you must change with it.

One movement DSB Creative has made is to integrate all operations into Google. This integration eases functionality and workflow and is one of the major movements our business has made to keep up with the rise in technology.

Prioritize your PR

If you’re a smaller company just earning your wings, you want to focus your PR efforts on the items that will make the biggest amount of impact for the smallest amount of working time.

Bigger businesses can probably afford to spread their reach and to pay a little more for manual labor where PR is concerned.

The goal here is to be conscious of your business’s scale and to prioritize your efforts accordingly. Take the time to line out which PR efforts are most vital for you and which are not. Wasted effort is no good for anyone.

Research, Record, Repeat

An informed decision is the best decision. Take your time developing your marketing strategy and make sure that you are always paying attention to the unique aspects of your company. Research before you implement any practice and make sure to note the results of the marketing strategy you use.

It is easy to get swept up in what is working for other businesses and to assume that what they are doing will work for you. This is simply not true. Each business is different and must strategize solely based on their own factors. It is okay to test the waters every once in awhile but be sure to record and note your results regardless of the outcome.

Your B2B marketing strategy will be ever changing. Noting past failures and what has/hasn’t worked before will be the best guide to revising your marketing strategy in the future.