Making your brand sexy to potential customers is a difficult thing to do. If you try too hard, you can come off as uncool or gauche. If you don't test, you can completely miss the your audience and make them roll their eyes. Follow these 3 examples to get started making your brand a little sexier.

3 Examples of how to make your brand sexy (even if its not)


Braidyn Browning

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1. Make them laugh

Remember that really funny guy/girl from high school who constantly made you laugh? They may have been a solid 5 on a scale of 10 but their sense of humor really won you over didn’t it? This principle easily applies to your brand.

Customers really don’t care what brand of toilet paper you’re selling so long as the necessities of their morning routine are met. But if you can make them laugh, suddenly you’ll find your social media mentions are soaring and suddenly #tweetfromtheseat is trending! Don’t believe us? Check out Charmin’sTwitter mentions.

Gieco insurance is another prime example. What is less sexy than car insurance? …. Almost nothing… yet eeeevvvveeerrrryyyone remembers the wildly popular Geico “Happier than a Camel on Wednesday” commercial. This is a prime example of a boring brand establishing a tradition that would haunt us for all the Wednesdays to come.


2. Get inside their heads

Whether your consumers are 16 year old girls or hairy old men in suits, you want to speak to the things everyone will care about and find engaging. There are tons of examples out there to draw inspiration from. One of our favorites is the Dollar Shave Club.

If you don’t follow Dollar Shave Club on social media already, you should. This brand primarily sells razor blades for men and yes, they target almost exclusively men. We find this a little outrageous as women in general shave more areas than men… but that’s just our opinion. However, though Dollar Shave Club seems to neglect a valuable customer base, they still invest in their social media appeal for both genders.

Post range from “Why do you get the spins when you’re drunk” to universally hilarious videos such as this:

3. Keep it simple

Nothing is more annoying in Business to Business Marketing (B2B Marketing) or in marketing in general than a bunch of big words that no one really understands. No, using those words doesn’t make you seem smarter and it doesn’t build trust with the client. What it does it make the customer feel like they don’t understand what they’re buying into. It builds a feeling of question and concern.

Speaking to your clients in a language they can understand will quickly set you apart from the competition. Let them know exactly what you can do for them and line it out in the most plain terms possible.

If you take nothing else from this article, understand the importance of being #relatable. People want to speak and work with other people. They want to feel comfortable with the people they're working with and humor is one of the easiest ways in B2B marketing to make that happen. Not only does it build trust with customers but lets be puts a little life into a profession that could easily be dull.